About Us

Brennan Rock & Roll Academy was established to help children uncover and develop their love, passion and talents through the power of music. Through positive education and encouragement from kind and gifted musicians the students learn music, performance and industry skills while learning to dream bigger and believe in themselves more by gaining self-confidence through something they are truly excited about… music, the universal language. Brennan Rock & Roll Academy provides access to both real music  lessons and the equipment used to create it to spirited children who otherwise may not have that access or opportunity.

Brennan Rock Roll Academy in Sioux Falls, gives music lessons to children that targets rock & roll instruments: guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and vocals. Members will be able to receive weekly one-on-one lessons with professional musicians, along with weekly band rehearsals to prepare for upcoming concerts. As they continue to cultivate their skills, they will participate in a live performance in front of a real crowd.

By participating in the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, students will go through their own unique musical journey. In addition to learning to play instruments or sing, youth will learn how to work in groups and gain confidence that will serve them throughout their lives.

In order to rock at the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, a youth must be a member of the Boys & Girls Club. The Eastside Boys & Girls Club is a safe, drop-in afterschool and evening program for youth from 1st grade to age 18 located at 700 S. Sneve Avenue, Sioux Falls. Membership is $25 per year per child, which includes all programming, meals and activities.

Chuck BrennanChuck Brennan

Chuck Brennan, a former Sioux Falls Boys Club kid who has since had success as an entrepreneur, has struck the first chord with a donation of $250,000 and has committed funding nearly $3,000,000 to provide the rock & roll program to the kids of the Sioux Empire for the next 20 years. The Brennan Rock & Roll Academy will be located in a prime location on the historic Sioux Falls’ loop. Mr. Brennan grew up near 8th and Covell, less than a mile from the Historic Loop Plaza that he built with his business partner, Keith Bergh. As a kid, he used to ride his bike up to the construction site when they were building the original Hardee’s restaurant. As the years passed and the neighborhood started to decline he was thrilled to spearhead the development project that sparked an entire revitalization of the neighborhood.

Brennan never seemed to master an instrument so he started managing regional bands at the age of 18 to quench his music passion. In early 1990 he founded and ran one of the largest Rock & Roll venues in the Midwest, the Blitz Ballroom, in nearby Pipestone, Minnesota. Brennan also promoted concerts all over the region for years and worked with a wide spectrum of National Rock and Roll bands including his good friends in KISS, Alice Cooper, and just too many to list.

Deb RohrerDeb Rohrer

Deb Rohrer brings nearly a decade of experience helping children develop a love for music to her role as the Director of Operations and Curriculum Manager of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy. She holds her B.M. in Music Education from the University of South Dakota and her M.A. in Education from Augustana College. In addition, Deb serves as President-Elect for the South Dakota Music Educators Association and is a member of the South Dakota American Choral Directors Association. Her greatest passion is providing music education opportunities to children that will propel them to success not only in music, but in life.




Tim Guille - All Play MusicTim  Guille

Tim Guille is the Founder and CEO of All Play Music, Southern California’s premier private music education service. Tim’s work with the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy includes providing a curriculum, an operations blueprint, personnel training and management consulting.

I am thrilled to be a part of what’s happening at the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy. I truly wish something like this had been available when I was a child. It makes my day to see the kids learning, growing and rocking out!

We’d like to give an extra big THANK YOU to Tim for donating all curriculum that our instructors and students use on a daily basis. When we first opened, Tim spend countless hours teaching the instructors and staff making sure that everyone knew the proper way to teach the kids his program. Without his generosity and time the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy definitely wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

Kory Van SickleKory Van Sickle

Kory Van Sickle, the founder/lead singer/songwriter of Kory and the Fireflies joined forces with Brennan Rock & Roll Academy by consulting and co-creating with the organization on all things Rock & Roll. With 25 plus years as a professional in the music industry, Van Sickle has lived and breathed rock & roll the majority of his life. He continues to make his living doing so in a way that’s been a positive influence to his many fans and followers as well as to the Sioux Falls community fronting one of the Midwest’s most successful bands.