Dear Students, Volunteers, Parents and Friends of the BRRA,

The Brennan Rock & Roll Academy was established to help children uncover and develop their love, passion, and talents through the power of music, and for the last 45 months we have done just that. With the help of 150 volunteer instructors our non-profit organization has provided lessons to more than 700 students all at no cost. These students have gained musical knowledge, self-esteem, confidence, hope and so much more!

On November 8th, 2016, the voters in South Dakota overwhelmingly passed a ballot initiative to eliminate licensed short term lending. Dollar Loan Center, the key sponsor of the BRRA, was given only 5 days by the State of South Dakota to comply with this change of law. This has caused an incredible ripple effect across the state, and especially for the BRRA, our students, and our volunteers. The reality is, a large majority of our donations came, directly or indirectly, from Dollar Loan Center. Without a substantial and dependable source of funds to continue providing nearly 200 free lessons every week, the Board of Directors for the BRRA has made the difficult decision to dissolve the non-profit. The last lessons provided to our students will be held on December 23rd, 2016.

The Board of Directors of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy is confident that there will be many more lasting ripple effects in the coming days and years. Over the past four years our students have developed their musical passion and talents at the BRRA. We know that the investment we made in each student will continue to have a positive and enduring effect throughout their lives. We recognize that those ripples will be seen by our students continuing to study and play music, through the efforts of our advanced band Minority Falls continuing their journey, and as our students pay it forward by becoming volunteers. Each BRRA student truly understands the immeasurable influence their volunteer instructor had on their life, and we know they will be honored and humbled to make such an impact on the lives of others.

The positive effects of the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy will multiply beyond what we could have ever anticipated when we began. We are extremely proud of everyone who has participated in this endeavor. Thank you for allowing all of us on the Board of the BRRA the opportunity to serve you. We will be forever grateful for the influence we had to change lives and raise rock stars!

AC/DC said it best: “For Those About To Rock…. We Salute You”!


The Board of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy